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Contemporary Artist

Jamie Kovacs

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I am a contemporary artist creating 2D and 3D collages as well as paintings. I like to take the uniqueness of individuals and incorporate it with my unique style. Everyone is unique, so should art.

Jamie is the  Andy Warhol of Collages.-Kimberly Irene Lee

The Witching Hour.jpg

"This type of subject matter never runs out. There will always be new actors, musicians and family members to do collages of. I also sign my work in an old school manner of using sealing wax and wax stamp. It’s a unique way of signing ones work. I am constantly evolving and finding new subject matter. The opportunities are endless".

Where Ideas are made


I have concentrated on pop art through collage. My collages explore a unique technique of using individually hand ripped magazine paper and glue. I absolutely love music and movies and comic books and well; anything geeky, so a lot of these pieces are based on musicians, actors, and iconic people. I continue to build my portfolio by working as large as I can and for as long as I can do it. I am constantly evolving these collages into different styles. Just recently my new style involves 3-D collage, which involves sculpting Styrofoam, and hand ripped recycled magazine paper. I am getting away from pop icons and will be focusing on a new 6-piece series with 3D sculpted collage. I have been labeled as the Andy Warhol of Collages.


My collages explore themes such as the symbolism and the significance of life and different belief systems. My large-scale abstract works often include recycled reminders of my love and interests in bits of paper, or eco-friendly / organic materials. Manipulating the texture with many layers of paint and glue and Styrofoam. I will work and re-work my canvases, layering, scraping, piling up textures to give added dimension, creating works that intrigue and invite the viewer in for closer inspection.

I don't like to always choose photo's that have been done to death by other pop-artists. I like to find the photo's that show emotion of sadness, depression, joy. I focus on them as people and not just Icons. I love them for their work but love to capture the real them.