Paintings and Collages

In College I learned how to do my collages. Back then we were using rubber cement and newspaper. Over time however; I came to realize that those materials are non-archival, so I continued to work and try new materials. I am still seeing what works best. I found that by using a thicker paste type glue, that it works better for layering and is just sturdier. Also the paper I uses is recycled magazine paper that is donated to me so that I can recycle it giving it an eco-friendly turn. 

I also have been embarking on painting of various natures lately. 

Jamie Kovacs-The Secretary.jpg
Where it all began in 1997:
Collages on Wood:
Where it has transpired to:
3D Collages on canvas:
2D Collages on canvas:
Comic Con/Geeky Art
Donations for Charity Events:
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Pet Portraits